Rincon Fun In The Sun And Surfing


Rincon is the best beach town in Puerto Rico, featuring emerald hills overlooking crystal waters, Caribbean beaches, and breathtaking sunsets. Rincon beaches are excellent for all kinds of water activities, so don’t forget your underwater camera. We have the best restaurants, hotels, villas, and vacation rentals in a seaside setting. There is a lot to do and see here, so take a break from your life and experience this coastline lifestyle!

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Rincon is a gorgeous, authentic seaside paradise. Water surrounds it on three sides, and it is a natural playground in the tropical seaside. Rincon has cool nights and warm days, which are filled with hot music and sounds. The people are warm, friendly, and open too!

Rincon is authentic. It offers the perfect opportunity to experience what it’s really like living in a real island. There are different types of gorgeous, silent beaches where you can swim freely, stroll around an ancient, quaint town, and eat and drink in relaxed places. The place is also extremely versatile: you can shift from the seashore to a charming tropical mountaintop in a matter of minutes. Use the friendly locals as your tour guides, who will gladly tell you about interesting things you can do and brilliant places to visit. In Rincon, we believe being spontaneous is only natural.

The positive energy in Rincon will inspire you to find romance, party, drink, eat, ride, hike, sail, bodyboard, surf, snorkel, fish, dive, and swim. There are several places to have fun, including numerous live bands in the beach bars. Tropical drinks are in abundance to quench your thirst and if you are hungry, our Rincon restaurants will take care of you with the best gourmet and Caribbean cooking. When you are ready to wind down, Rincon will provide the best accommodations with excellent views of the whole Caribbean. You don’t need to have your US passport to enter Puerto Rico, USA.

Rincon is a rich, isolated beach town that seems to have escaped the time-tested troubles of the world. It is a unique destination with friendly people, and delightful sounds and sights. If you visit our website on a regular basis to keep in touch, you are always welcome! Am sure you’ve noticed that these pages provide just a mere representation of the real deal. If you have never gone to Rincon, Puerto Rico, make a point of visiting us soon!

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