The history of Puerto Rico and its people

Puerto Rico is a small country and its people, Puerto Ricans are great people with fun loving and friendly nature. Taino tribes were the first residents and mark the beginning of the Rincon history. They were peaceful people and cultivated land, hunted and fished for their survival. According to the locals, the original Taino tribes (or original Puerto Ricans) that once unhabituated the island no longer exist and were killed by Spanish people who ran the place. The evidence of such existence in the island can only be found in the form of archaeological digs and DNA of current Puerto Ricans. The township was incorporated in 1770 and is named after one of the first sugarcane plantation heads.

Rincon was frequently attacked by English man and French invaders, pirates and corsairs during early 1800s that killed masses of Rincon people. After the Pirate era was over, Rincon became quite but still the small smuggling operations continued for centuries. American troops invaded Puerto Rico in 1898 and established a military rule making it a US possession. English became the official language but people continued speaking Spanish and following their own traditions and culture. A lot of people were drafted into the US military during World War II and Viet Nam War due to which the population of the city hardly increased between 1889 and 1970.

Puerto Rico today

Puerto Rico is a part of US territories and possessions and citizens are given the citizenship of US. You need to meet the passport and visa requirements if visiting from any other country than US. The tourism industry gradually developed over the years and Ruben Caro, a young teacher, was the one who first started this industry. After the 1968 international surfing competition, some of the surfers saw the business opportunities in the area and became permanent members. They further promoted tourism by opening local tourist related business.

Rincon vacation – just what you need.

Today, Rincon is a unique tourist destination with tourists travelling from large cities for weekends and holidays. The municipal government is working hard to improve tourism industry by developing better infrastructure and increasing the capital movement.

Travelling to Rincon, PR is like to travelling to any other part of US. English and Spanish is widely spoken and people can use the same US cellphones here. Currency is not a problem and ATM’s disburse US dollars. Major airline companies provide non-stop services between the US and Aguadilla airport, while some other flights arrive in San Juan International airport. A number of rental car and taxi services are available for the ease of the people travelling from all around the globe.

Rincon surfing

Rincon is also known for surfing. Rincon surfing is popular among all sports enthusiasts. And you would have it easy there too.

Many people speak English in Rincon while the language of Puerto Rico is Spanish. But being in the country one can easily learn a few Spanish words or at least the names of your favorite drinks and dishes. The tropical temperature averages 28 degrees Celsius. The daytime temperatures during summer can be higher and at the same time evening temperatures can be cooler during winter. Dressing is similar to ones seen in the beaches of Miami. However a light sweater or jacket might be required on some winter nights.

Rincon and the whole of Puerto Rico follow Atlantic Standard Time (AST). It is an hour head of the Eastern Standard Time during late fall and winter. Apart from that, throughout the year, it is in sync with the Eastern Daylight Time.