Choosing Rincon, Puerto Rico as a next vacation spot will provide everyone with many fun activities. Some of which can include surfing, diving, sailing, para-sailing, sports centers, surf and sailing too so bring a waterproof camera along with you to your lessons to capture those holiday moments lessons. At Katarina Sail Charters we are able to offer an exclusive collection of the best lodging, dining, and activities that are carefully selected to showcase the best that Rincon has to offer.

Katarina Sail Charters will help you to experience Rincon in a whole new light. Take some time to explore our coastline while sipping a cocktail, or stop for a quick swim or snorkeling adventure. Enjoy lunch while basking out in the sun, or watch one of our famous sunsets.We offer daily cruises that you can take while going on new adventures. One of these cruises is a snorkel cruise. We set sail every day for a 3-hour snorkeling outing. Or you can take in a gorgeous sunset by taking a sunset cruise. You can enjoy the sunset while sipping a nice tropical drink. For larger groups, you can charter a private boat.

The Rincon Municipal Sports Center offers a wide selection of fitness activities at little to no cost. These facilities include tennis courts, lighted rubber oval track, a gym, and many fitness classes. You can also enjoy many of our parks and nature trails that are located all over Rincon.

For over 30 years, the Rincon Triathlon has taken place on the first Sunday of June. This race takes place in the warm clear water of Balneario Beach, and on several of the tropical roads that are in Rincon. Each year huge crowds of people flock to see this great race take place. Some choose to participate in the event while others are okay to just sit and watch.

Other Area Activities include:

  • Surf and Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons and Rentals
  • Horse Riding
  • Sailboat Rentals & Lessons
  • Jet Ski Rentals
  • Water Sports Rentals
  • Rincon Mini Gold
  • Casino Gambling
  • Rain Forest Adventures & Zip Line
  • Private Cave Adventures